Fun Things To Do This Spring for International Students

London is one of the most amazing cities in the world; filled with culture, people and history it is not a surprise many people choose to study here. Here at StudentUniverse we have come up with the top 7 fun things to do this spring for International Students. So pack your camera, find some comfy clothing and grab a friend or two because we’ve got you covered. We understand that studying here from aboard can be quite different but with our ultimate guide for this Spring you’re bound to have fun.


Top Five Places Students Should Visit For A White Christmas

Christmas is soon approaching and for many of us the British weather doesn’t quite give us the Christmas feeling. Though some people may only need the nostalgic notes of ‘White Christmas’ sung by the kids next door, it’s always nice to have the real deal. While most will lament and make-do with daydreaming, if you are after an authentic, never-to-be-forgotten Christmas where everything is as white as snow, check out our top places to visit for a Christmas like never before.


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